Frequently Asked Questions

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Custom Work

Do you take Custom Orders?

I do! Whether you are wanting a style in a different color or size, or an entirely new design, I would love to work on it for you! Fill out this custom order form to get started!

What is the cost of custom work?

I do not charge extra for custom work, so the cost will be in line with my current pricing structure. If you are requesting a different color or size of existing styles, the price will be similar if not the same as the style requested.

How long do custom orders take?

This can vary depending on the complexity of the design. If you have a deadline, please notate that when inquiring about a custom piece. I will be able to let you know if the request is possible within the timeline!

As of right now, custom orders are taking 6-8 weeks from request to completion.

How do I order a custom piece?

Visit our Custom Order page here. Follow the prompts on the form, submit it, and I will be in contact with you shortly! No payment is required when filling out the inquiry form, I will only ask for payment once we've discussed your order!

Can I order a larger quantity of a certain style?

Of course! Cost will be dependent on the style and quantity, but please email me for details!


What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is essentially PVC, polyvinyl chloride. It is plastic, but until it is cured, it is a very malleable plastic. It can be shaped and reshaped a multitude of times without deterioration.

What materials do you use in your jewelry?

Our components consist of handcrafted polymer clay pieces, sometimes coated in UV resin. We also occasionally use brass or steel metal components and small silver or gold charms with cubic zirconium stones to compliment our clay components.

  • Earrings with a solid clay top have Grade 1 Titanium posts affixed to them with liquid clay adhesive. This adhesive is a version of polymer clay, that is fully cured in the oven like polymer clay. Some posts may be affixed with UV Resin, this will be notated in the description if so.
  • Hooks, wires, hoops, ball posts, and huggies (lever-backs) are all stainless steel, some may be gold or silver plated, this will be noted via the materials tab on each listing.
  • All dangle styles come with a plastic comfort back that has a surgical stainless steel center, and all studs come with standard surgical stainless steel butterfly backs. Styles on hooks come with rubber backs.
  • Jump rings on styles prior to January 2024 are stainless steel. Styles created after January 2024 now feature gold plated or silver plated jump rings. Any black or gunmetal jump rings are stainless steel
  • Seed beads are glass beads manufactured in the Czech Republic and Japan.

Always reference the description of each style, as the materials used for that earring will be listed there!

Do your earrings contain nickel?

They do not, nickel is a common material that people have allergic reactions to, so I avoid it at all costs!

Are your earrings hypoallergenic?

For the average wearer, yes. The most common metal allergy is nickel, which we avoid at all costs! However, it is possible to be allergic to other metals, including the ones we use. Our earring posts/hooks are either titanium or stainless steel.

Stainless steel has a higher reaction rate than titanium. The titanium that I use in my earrings is Grade 1, medical grade, and has a less than 10% reaction rate for the general population.

Some individuals can have reactions to UV Resin, even when it is fully cured. If you have particularly sensitive ears, please take caution to avoid styles that have UV Resin as the post attachment material. I do not use this method often, and it is notated in the item description. I am working to find alternate materials for replacing UV Resin at this time.

How can I clean my Polymer Clay Jewelry?

The best way to care for your new pieces!

  • Do not leave them in a humid environment, or submerge them in water or any liquids.
  • Clay pieces may be wiped clean with a damp cloth, a light amount of rubbing alcohol may be used if needed.
  • Please do not use acetone on your clay pieces as it will ruin the finish!
  • All metal components can be cleaned with a standard jewelry cleaner.

How long do polymer clay pieces last?

The short answer is, forever.

Since polymer clay is a plastic, it does not break down easily. This means that as an accessory, it will last a few lifetimes for enjoyment! This also means that if you ever decide to get rid of a piece, you should do so in a proper way, such as regifting, donating to a secondhand store, or properly recycling the parts.

When cured properly, polymer clay will not break easily and should hold its structure even after being bent.

If you have any issues with a piece, please email us promptly at


Are your stickers weatherproof?

At this time we only offer stickers meant for use indoors, in journals, and away from the elements. They should hold up if a spill were to occur, but are not made to be wet for an extended period or sit in any extreme weather for an extended period of time.

New Releases & Restocks

When do you release new items?

I intend to release new products once a month! This will generally be around the 15th of each month. I send out a newsletter at the start of each month with news about the month's release!

How often do you restock existing items?

I do not currently restock existing color options or certain styles. I will continue to develop new options of existing styles, as well as new styles each month!

Order Processing

How long is order processing?

Processing times on average will be 1-3 business days, unless otherwise noted on a product's page. Items marked as Ready to Ship will process faster, while any Made to Order will have their processing time notated in the item description.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, orders may wait to ship until it is safe to get them dropped off. If this were to happen, I will update you via the email provided at checkout to keep you up to date on your package's arrival!

Do you offer rush processing?

At this time, I am not offering rush processing as my processing time is only less than 3 days for most items. If you are needing an order more quickly, please email me to get it sorted out prior to making your purchase. I will see what I can do for you!

Can I cancel my order?

I do not accept order cancellations at this time.


Where do you ship to?

I ship worldwide! But if you have any concerns, please email me and I can get you a definitive answer about your location!

Some exclusions may apply at this time due to COVID-19, and other reasons that may keep the United States Postal Service from delivery to any specific locations.

How much is shipping?

Anywhere in the US starts at $6 for standard shipping which is USPS First Class. All US orders over $50 ship for free, the discount is automatically applied once the cart total reaches the threshold.

International shipping starts at $13 and varies based on location. At this time, this is the best price I am able to offer, but I am looking for options to lower this cost!

Do you offer free shipping?

All orders to the USA are eligible for free standard shipping when the order is more than $50.

I am working to offer free shipping internationally, but I'm currently unable to at this time!

How long does shipping take?

US Standard orders are shipped under USPS First Class which takes 2-5 days (excluding Sunday)

International orders vary by location, taking anywhere from 14-21 days. I am not responsible for any holds at customs.

Please note that these times will vary during high volume shipping times such as during the holidays!

Are your orders tracked?

All orders from KLS are tracked, no exceptions.

Shipping Customs

All packages must pass through customs upon entering a new country. This may cause a delay in delivery, and some countries may require an extra fee paid by the buyer for the package.

Kiki Lee Studio is not responsible for any delays in shipping due to customs or any fees required by customs for package delivery. It is the buyer's legal responsibility to handle these fees and no refunds will be given based on any customs fees.

My package was returned to KLS, what do I do?

This could be due to an incorrect address, failure to pick up mail, or other issues. Once the package is returned to me, we will be happy to send it back.

If it is due to an incorrect address, and this is found to be my fault, I will reship for free.

If the address was given to me incorrectly, or the return is due to any other reason, I will ask that shipping be paid again.

If the buyer is at fault for this issue, and does not wish to pay for shipping again, a refund on the returned items will be processed.

Hand Delivery

Where do you hand deliver to?

We will Hand deliver to the following locations:

  • Dumas, Texas
  • Cactus, Texas
  • Sunray, Texas
  • Dalhart, Texas
  • Borger, Texas
  • Stinnett, Texas
  • Pampa, Texas
  • Panhandle, Texas
  • Amarillo, Texas
  • Channing, Texas

If you live within 15 miles of any of these Cities, I will also hand deliver to you! Please send me an email so that we can work it out!

If you live in any of these locations, but the hand delivery option does not show at checkout, please reach out so that I can be sure your area's zip code is on the list!

How much is hand delivery?

Dumas and Cactus/Etter are always free, everywhere else is $3.

Any orders over $50 will be delivered for free!

If you live within 15 miles of any of these Cities, I will also hand deliver to you! Cost not to exceed $5.00! Please send me an email so that we can work it out!

How long does hand delivery take?

Dumas, Cactus/Etter, and Sunray deliveries can all be made within 1-4 business days, everywhere else will be made within 1-8 business days.

Please note these delivery times include my 1-3 day processing time, I will email you upon order receival to schedule the delivery, at that point I will be able to see what all was ordered and how long the processing will be + what my current schedule is.

If you live within 15 miles of any of these Cities, I will also hand deliver to you! Time not to exceed 8 business days! Please send me an email so that we can work it out!

Weather Permitting

In the event of any extreme weather, hand deliveries may be delayed until it is safe to make them!

Do I have to be available for a hand delivery?

The short answer is yes.

I will need to verify that the order was received by you to avoid any issues of loss or theft.

Orders CANNOT be left in your mailbox. This is a federal crime, and mail carriers are permitted to take the items left in the mailbox to the Post Office and require you to pay for them in order to pick them up.

If you wish to, we can meet in a public space and your order can be contact free. This will all be worked out in the email I send you once I receive your order!


I am unhappy with my purchase, what should I do?

If there is not damage to the order, and you simply wish to return it, please email me at Once a refund inquiry is accepted I can offer an exchange for an item at the same value, or a refund. Returns are shipped at the buyers expense, and exchanges or refunds are not made until I have the original order back in hand.

Do you offer refunds?

Customers are eligible for refunds once the original order has been returned and we have it in hand.

How can I return something?

Please email me at with the issue. Once I accept that the return can be made, I will offer the information necessary to make the return.

Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

My package never arrived, what should I do?

Please email me at

I will reach out to the post office, and suggest that you do the same. Replacement will be made once it is verified that package was lost/stolen.

My package arrived damaged, what should I do?

I am so sorry for the inconvenience! I take every precaution to ensure shipments arrive to you safely, but accidents can happen! Please email me at with a picture of the damages/package and I will start the process of replacing it!

My item broke, what should I do?

If it has been less than 12 months since purchase, I can repair/replace it for free!

If it has been more than 12 months since purchase, I will repair/replace it for a small fee of $10 (this is to cover shipping and materials!)

Please email me at so I can get you situated!


What sustainability practices is KLS doing?

Hey friends! We are doing several things!

  • I reuse and recycle packaging that I get from receiving inventory.
  • I use recyclable packaging to ship my orders.
  • I recycle ink cartridges for my printer.
  • I save every last morsel of polymer clay to be used in other projects.
  • I shop for as much of my materials as possible locally.

If there is something else I could be doing, please let me know! I love our planet, and want to do as much as possible to keep it happy and healthy!

Satisfaction Guarantee

My promise to you

I guarantee that your polymer clay piece will be with you for a while! To back up this guarantee, I offer free repairs/replacements for up to 12 months after purchase! AND repairs/replacements after 12 months of purchase will cost only $10 (this will cover materials and shipping!) If you have any issues at all, please email me at


Can I use your art for my own products?

I am not currently offering licensing of my products or designs for use in other businesses.

Please respect Intelectual Property rights! 🖤

Where can I find your privacy policy?

While it is at the bottom of every page on my site, you can also click here!