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Kiki Lee Studio

Mana (Not Poison) Potions

Mana (Not Poison) Potions

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Quench your thirst for adventure with Mana Potions! These magical elixirs will give you the boost you need, without any unpleasant surprises*. Accessorize with these festive Halloween earrings and embrace the magic with a playful twist. (definitely NOT poison..)


  • Size: 2.5" in length
  • Post Material: Stainless Steel Hoops
  • Please note that the "cap" and "skull" are coated with a protective clear coat, please do not use anything other than a damp cloth to clean these areas.

Item Care

The best way to care for your new pieces!

  • Do not leave them in a humid environment, or submerge them in water or any liquids.
  • These pieces may be wiped clean with a damp cloth, a light amount of rubbing alcohol may be used if needed.
  • Please do not use acetone on these pieces as it will ruin the finish!

Pattern & Color Variation

Please note that clay earrings with any sort of multi colored patterning will vary in appearance due to the nature of their creation! Your piece will have the same colors/effects as the one pictured, but it may not be identical!

Item Colors

I do my absolute best to photograph and edit product photos to accurately represent the color of the product. Please note that the shade can vary slightly from the photograph depending on screen settings.

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